Our Director

Faye McLanahan

Faye McLanahanThe Hilton Head Shore Notes are pleased to have as their director, Faye McLanahan, from Jacksonville, Florida. Faye’s Sweet Adeline experience started in 1974 in a small chorus in Wrentham, Massachusetts, where she sang for seven years. When she and her husband, Tim Delaney (also a barbershop singer) were transferred back to Jacksonville, she joined the Jacksonville Harmony chorus. In her 43 years of singing harmony, she attended every music school available so she could soak up all the music education possible. She also jumped right into the choreographer role in her first chorus. Shortly thereafter she discovered the fun of being in her first of many quartets. Her love of this American art form is so encompassing, she has sung lead, tenor and baritone in her various quartets. She proudly supports her son, daughter-in-law and grand-daughter as barbershop singers!
Faye is a Certified Director of Sweet Adeline International, has held many chorus leadership positions, and has served on the Region 9 Education Faculty for about 20 years. Not only has she been a member of five different Sweet Adeline chapters, she also directed Song of the Coast Chorus in Daytona Beach, Florida for eight years. Faye is looking forward to helping the Shore Notes maintain their first-place status in the Small Chorus Division at Regional Competition and bringing them to new heights vocally – hopefully one day to the International stage! Barbershop harmony is her passion! Shore Notes chorus is her LOVE!

Hilton Head Shore Notes on stage at Region 9 Competition