Hilton Head Shore Notes Quartets

Hilton Head Shore Notes is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  

4 the Moment

We would love to sing at your next event!

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4 the Moment
4 the Moment members...
Lead:Susan Roberts-Mevio
Bass:Betty Owen
Baritone:Sue Gordon
Tenor:Marcia Cornell
General public contact: (843) 816-6776
State: SC

Classic Charm

Classic Charm
Classic Charm members...
Lead:Maureen Mack
Bass:Jan Sobolewski
Baritone:Faye McLanahan
Tenor:Paula Bartie
General public contact: 843-422-3047
State: SC


Uncharted members...
Lead:Kim Higdon
Bass:Fran Russ
Baritone:Cindy Diniaco
Tenor:Julia Brunelle
State: SC