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  • Shore Notes' bass earns top honors at Women’s Harmony Brigade
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Aug 6 2019
    Shore Notes' bass earns top honors at Women’s Harmony Brigade

    Betty Owen, a member of the bass section in the Hilton Head Shore Notes, sang in the winning quartet at this year’s 6th Annual Women’s Harmony Brigade, held in Raleigh, North Carolina, August 2-4, 2019. Melody Templeton, director of the Shore Notes; Sherry Adams, lead; and Sue Gordon, baritone; also participated in the event.

    The Women’s Harmony Brigade is an annual event that includes non-stop quartet singing and quartet partner switching. About 150 participants learn a common repertoire of 10 challenging songs, arranged in the barbershop style, and arrive fully prepared and ready to sing with whoever asks all weekend long. Each participant receives a "dance card" upon arrival and will, over the course of the weekend, attempt to sing with every participant in quartet formation.

    In addition to the dance cards, 38 quartets were randomly selected from the 150 participants. On Friday night, each newly-formed quartet was given two song choices from the 10 prepared songs, and one hour to rehearse their song before going on stage to compete. Sweet Adelines, Inc. Queens of Harmony quartet, Martini, judged the event. The top ten quartets went on to compete again on Saturday night, where each quartet was assigned one song or they could choose to sing the “challenge song” which was the most difficult of them all, “When I See An Elephant Fly.” Song assignments were given out at 6:00 and the show started at 7:00!

    Owen’s quartet, “Daiquiri,” sang “Let’s Live It Up” on Friday night, and “When I See An Elephant Fly,” on Saturday night’s show. Other members of Daiquiri included Janene DePalo, lead, from Chatam, NJ; Lorna Graves, baritone, from Charlotte, NC; and Rhiannon Light, tenor, from Aurora, Ohio.

    Also performing on the show were all top ten quartets, other ensembles formed at the Brigade, long-time quartets who attended the Brigade together, as well as this year’s celebrity guest quartet, SAI 2012 Queens of Harmony, Martini!

    And if that wasn’t enough to cram into one weekend, the 150 participants were divided into four VLQs (Very Large Quartets) and on Saturday afternoon, each VLQ went to perform at a different Raleigh nursing home, where they entertained the residents with all ten songs!

    To learn more about the Women’s Harmony Brigade, visit

  • Shore Notes Chorus changes rehearsal start time to 6:30 pm
  •  Date Posted: Tue, Jan 15 2019
    Shore Notes Chorus changes rehearsal start time to 6:30 pm

    Beginning on January 21, all of our regular Monday evening rehearsals will begin at 6:30 pm rather than 7:00. We will gather for warmups at 6:15 and the rehearsal will last until about 9:00 pm.

    We rehearse at the Island Lutheran Church at 4400 Main Street, Hilton Head Island, SC.   

    We welcome visitors at any Monday night's rehearsal. If you're planing to visit, please call us at 843-705-6852 to make sure that we will be in our regular location. Read more.

  • Mark Your Calendar! Two Christmas Shows!
  •  Date Posted: Sat, Dec 1 2018
    Mark Your Calendar! Two Christmas Shows!
    We'd love to help you get in the Christmas spirit! Come hear us sing our favorite Christmas songs on December 1st at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Bluffton, SC, 3:30 pm. and December 9th at Island Lutheran Church, Hilton Head Island, SC, 2:30 pm.

    Click here for ticket information for the show at Island Lutheran on HHI.

    The show at Lord of Life Lutheran is free. Donations are appreciated. 
  • Shore Notes Chorus welcomes new director
  •  Date Posted: Mon, May 21 2018
    Shore Notes Chorus welcomes new director

    The Hilton Head Shore Notes Chorus is proud to introduce its new director, Melody Templeton.  Educated at Ohio State University, Otterbein University and Juilliard, her vast experience will bring new direction to this chorus. Although her education began with classical music, affording her the honor of singing at Carnegie Hall with Princeton ProMusica, she later turned her attention to the theater and performed in various musicals.  For five years she was a regular with an improvisational dinner theater troupe where she sang, danced and honed her performance skills. 

    When Melody was invited to a guest night at Scioto Valley Chorus in 1998, she discovered barbershop music and fell in love.  She joined the chorus and served as Lead Section Leader and member of the front row.  She helped the chorus win a Fourth-Place medal in Sweet Adelines International’s competition in 2011.  She has also earned medals as a quartet singer.

    Melody has a diverse musical background as soloist, quartet member, chorus member and choir singer.  She looks forward to sharing her experience and embarking on this new journey as Director of the Shore Notes.